Com_Pen is the most widely used computerized fund administration system in Southern Africa and manages more than 2 million members in a wide variety of administration environments including insurance companieslarge self-administered funds as well as retirement fund brokers.

Com_Pen is user friendly and is designed for both managers and administrators.

Com_Pen calculates withdrawals, retrenchments, dismissals, retirements, death benefits, withdrawal profits and a host of other benefits at the touch of a button. It also includes a comprehensive auditing management system and a sophisticated security layer which manages access permissions, user profiles and passwords.

Com_Pen is a truly integrated Retirement Fund Administration solution…

Com_Pen is extremely flexible and can manage any of the following:

Com_Pen is modular in design and comprises of the following modules:

It's all about data...
Com_Pen is cost effective, scalable and extremely reliable and can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

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